Keeper of Secrets…Translations of an Incident

One truth begets
another as a tale of passionate
confrontation in a restaurant travels from
eyewitnesses to others present.

Each protagonist views the
attack through an emotion-stained
lens, the story taking on a life of its own
as filtered through different
individuals’ pasts, present and futures.

Ultimately every character
unweaves and re-braids their hidden truths
and exposes the chain of inner mysteries
that binds them.


Memories of the Hindu icon of dancing Siva compel wife and mother, Raven Clarke, to intervene in the attack of one restaurant patron on another.
Watching from a distant table, Lahni Irete finds herself driven back to the violence of her childhood and adolescence. The next day she shares her account of the happening with psychiatrist, Reynard Williams.
Williams embraces the tale as a man seeking help to confront the core of pain that has distanced him from his wife and left him sexually and spiritually impotent.
Along the way Williams consults with Sahel Denning, an injured psychologist no longer practicing psychotherapy.
Engineer, Michael Banks, finds the restaurant incident a map guiding him on his path to reclaiming the events of the morning before he fell from the Richmond Bridge.
Rumor and innuendo cloud Ariane Gadsen’s acquaintance with the story, propelling her down the path of reconciliation with what she is hiding.
The restaurant scene stirred regret and despair within Trey Williamson, a widower, on his first date since the death of his wife three years earlier.
The intimate backdrop of the restaurant offers containment wherein newly discharged Captain Darryl Sharpton reveals his most dark and intimate truth.

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