Why Do I Write & What Is My Process? | What Makes Me Tick?–Fran Lewis

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Teaching in the NYC Public Schools was not only gratifying but also meaningful. Working with students in grades one through six for the first part of my career.

My Principal felt that I had a special talent and expertise when working with students in learning difficulties and encouraged me to get my second Master’s in Reading and Learning Disabilities. I am glad that I did. The next 19 years I worked as the Reading Specialist and then Staff Developer in both reading and writing.

The best part is I worked in the same school all of those years and the children and parents became part of my extended family.

I taught children from other countries and helped them learn to read, understand our language and excel in school. Before leaving, my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I was the Dean of Discipline and helped create a Peer Mediation Program in my school.

Freedom of expression is important, and after retiring from teaching, I realized that there were many new things I could learn to do. I love writing because it allows me to express my true feelings about any subject I choose. Read the rest of this entry…

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Of Dreams, Making them Real and What We Are Willing to Pay…

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I recently read two articles on acclaimed mystery author, Janet Evanovich, the first stating that she had requested $50 million from her then publisher St. Martin’s Press to renew her contract, the second, published some weeks later, announcing that in response to St. Martin’s had refusing the requested amount, Evanovich had subsequently returned to Ballantine Bantam Dell Publishers where she first began her career.

While the first article had ended with ponderings of whether Evanovich would receive her request from St. Martin’s, particularly in this poor economy, the second article carefully stated that no one privy to the proceedings had released details of what Evanovich would receive from Ballantine Bantam Dell.

My husband, on hearing the details of the articles, responded with, “$50 million dollars? You must have your numbers wrong. Are you sure you read the article correctly?”

Questioning the figure myself, or rather my ability to remember what I saw, I returned to the website where I had read the articles then announced to him that I was indeed correct. “Wow!” He shook his head, adding, “She must sell an awful lot of books,” referring to Evanovich.

And she has done that. But obviously not enough for St. Martins to grant her request. Read the rest of this entry…

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Radio Show | Breena Clarke

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Acclaimed author of  Stand the Storm and  River, Cross My Heart , an Oprah Book Club Selection, Breena Clarke, will discuss her life as a writer, her process for crafting fiction and what keeps her writing.

So tune in.

Contract Negotiations, Cyril Connolly, and Vivekananda…

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What caught my attention in a recent article on author Janet Evanovich, more specifically her asking price for the rights to publish her next 4 novels–$50 million from St. Martin’s Press–were the complaints and criticism concerning the quality of Evanovich’s recent novels launched by many who described themselves as loyal fans.

In toto, most stated that recent installments of her Stephanie Plum Series , the latest installment being, Sizzling Sixteen, had grown flat with the protagonist, Stephanie Plum, growing stagnant and not evolving.

Some even stated that it was clear to them she had been writing with her focus on fulfilling her contract obligation rather than providing fans with an engaging and entertaining story.

This all brings me to the point of where does one, more specifically the writer/author, draw the line between meeting the demands of their contract and providing readers with what they have come to expect and you, as well as they know you can achieve? Read the rest of this entry…

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Why Do I Write & What Is My Process… | Breena Clarke

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–by Breena Clarke

Breena at home in Jersey City with my bamboo plants

When I’m asked to answer the queries — what is your process? — why do you write? I begin by saying that I come to writing as a reader. I believe it is important for me to claim that because it does explain why and how I write. I also admit that I answer this way to reinforce the notion that I am studious, scholarly, serious.

I think writing long fiction is good for me because this is what I like to read. So– when I say I’m reading, seventy-five percent of the time I am reading a novel.
But you know what? There is another bit of it.

There is something I am less eager to mention — an aspect of my personality that isn’t always desirable. Read the rest of this entry…

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Of Sword Fights, The Himalayas, And so on… And so on…

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Have you ever watched a scene from a movie where two sword fighters are going at it?

And then they begin to move up the stairs, one sword fighter, moving in reverse up the incline of the steps, danger closing in, his back against the wall of conflict?

Remember how you felt? Your chest growing tighter, you engaged with what was happening rooting for one or the other swordsmen.

It goes the same with writing fiction. Read the rest of this entry…

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Change, Challenge and Seasons of Growth…

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I’ve been gone most of the summer, first to Brussels, then to Maui where vacation each year.

As the opening of the new school year approaches I am amazed at how it seems that just yesterday I was bidding a enjoyable and safe travels to fellow parents and their daughters and sons who attend the same school as my children.

Now nearly 2 and half months later I have received the first in a line of requests from the service that provides lunches at the school our youngest child attends the choices of entrées our child desires. Continue reading ‘Change, Challenge and Seasons of Growth…’