Of Senior Pictures, Former Eastern Block Countries, and Forgotten Anniversary Cards…

The summer has whisked by.

One day it was May 31st and our middle was finishing what had been their eleventh grade year–they were a high school junior–and two days later we were listening to a message left by the school photographer stating that senior pictures would be made the following week and leaving the date and time our child was to be photographed in their cap and gown.

The previous week our eldest, a graduate student, had left for Brussels, Belgium three days after turning in spring semester papers.

They would be interning 8 weeks at the European Parliament as an assistant to a Member of Parliament from a former Eastern Block country.

Three weeks to the afternoon I stood watching the photographer snap senior pictures of our middle, I boarded a flight to Brussels with out youngest.

The previous school year had been crazy to say the least. I had not spent enough time with the baby of our family. I needed to get re-acquainted with our pre-adoloescent, soon to be teenager.

Time flies when you’re working for those you love. Continue Reading »

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~ by Anjuelle Floyd on July 25, 2010.

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