Of Writing, Integrity and The Company We Keep…

I came across this guy in Hainan about 4 years ago.

He had been tricked out of money when he was younger and he was still angry about it.

So he decided to write the whole story down, to shame them, on the pavement.

When we set out to judge—ridicule pillory, condemn, sneer at or…impugn our characters–we fail at our objective. Instead of making our characters look bad we make ourselves suspect.”
—-Peter Selgin, 179 Ways to Save a Novel: Matters of Vital Concern to Fiction Writers

We are known by the company we keep. In the case of a writer, that company consists of our characters and our attitude towards them.

Simply put, what kind of person would choose to writer 60,000 words, or there about, centered on a person or persons our words demonstrate that we dislike, hold little or no respect for, or even loathe?

Would you as a reader trust anything this writer has to say? Read the rest of this entry…

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~ by Anjuelle Floyd on July 7, 2010.

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