Of Bishops, Kindreds Spirits and the Dawning of Awareness…

Bishop by Heliøs.

The Bishop in chess moves diagonally along the squares of the chess board until it encounters another playing piece.

The various directions in which the Bishop can move create a cross upon the chessboard. Less powerful than the Queen or Rook, one Bishop equals the strength of a Knight or 3 Pawns. Like the Rook, Queen, Knight and Pawns of the same color or player, the Bishop seeks to protect the King from capture.

Each player has two Bishops.

While one Bishop stands between the Knight and the Queen the second Bishop stands on the other side of the Queen and beside the King.

In this way the Bishop is the piece or character after the Queen to hold close proximity to the King.

~ by Anjuelle Floyd on May 11, 2010.

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