Of Cognition, Revision, and the Internet…

A Midnight Winter Dream had me in its Spell by designldg.

The emerging model of cognition is as a sustained act of imagination, and therefore continuously active participation in the consensual hallucination of reality.

Kris Saknussemm ( Write what you know–and be sorry) The Writer Magazine May 2010, author of the novels, Private Midnight and  Zanesville

What if everything we experience in life is truly the occurrence of a dream, that our living is in essence, one small part of larger reality, the life and time of someone outside of us, or a person whose life surrounds, encompasses and holds that of ours?

What if the decisions we make, the actions we carry out are predetermined by those, past and present of this person?

What if we are but an aspect or one dimension of the terrain of the personality held by another?

What if the joy we experience in our dream is the nightmare some else is experiencing?

When does our madness become or stir another person’s joy? Read the rest of this entry…

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~ by Anjuelle Floyd on April 21, 2010.

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