Blogging, Promoting, Revising and Editing…

Whatever difficulties we have experienced with editors writers need the help of editors.

An unedited book placed on the market for public purchase diminishes our integrity as writers and demeans the skill to crafting fiction to which we aspire.

If writing a book was as simple as putting the words on paper and sending it out, then everyone would have published a book.

Books must be revised several time before sending them to editors. Editors do not write for writers.
Ghostwriters do that.

And yet we all know that bringing words into the form of a story that has dramatic impact on both the writer and the reader takes an immense amount of time, more than those who self-publish want to admit and to which traditional publishing houses with their clout and tradition resist surrendering.

I blog as a way of promoting my work.

Blogging allows me a way to connect with potential readers, offer snippets of what I’m about, that ideally over time will provide a clear and more complete picture of who I am as a writer and hopefully what my stories  and novels offer.

Asking people to purchase your work of fiction and invest time reading it is a lot. While I am a writer, I am also reader.

I enjoy reading. Purchasing books that when I began to read them did not hold my attention and engage my imagination has frustrated me in the past.

I try to avoid causing this for another reader by revising and refining my work and seeking out the help of good editor with whom I can work and from whom I can learn.

~ by Anjuelle Floyd on April 19, 2010.

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