Of Blogging, “Motherwit Four,” and Generosity…

Of the mother wit and wisdom in her writing Angelia Menchan says, “My mother was 30 years old before she decided to have children. I had these old women around me. My grandmother and then godmother lived to be 102. I was one of those old souls at a very young age. You know that story about the girl born with the veil over her face that would be me. And I just kind of tossed that over my shoulder. On August 9, 2010 I’m publishing an anthology of stories called, “Motherwit Four,” in honor of my mother.”

Author, Angelia Menchan, discusses Ramblings,” Schae’s Story,” Is No Not Clear Enough for You?” and her recent novel, Mrs. Black?“.

She has also published an anthology, Women’s Writes, co-authored with Jennifer Coissiere, Darnetta Frazier, and Shaneika Ferguson.

Visit Angelia’s blogs, Angelia Vernon Menchan, Write or Die Woman, and Angel08. Read the rest of this entry…

~ by Anjuelle Floyd on March 28, 2010.

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