Of Swords, Inner Demons and the Waters of Renewal…

The area of a novel that follows climax brings renewal. Yet writing this part of the story gets tricky.

Rolling towards the finish line authors can easily lose control of the narrative. We must remain upon the horse of our story.

Climax has delivered a delayed and second crisis a second opportunity for experiencing transformation, what some might call the aftershocks of the major earthquake of the peak crisis bringing everything to its head.

In this way novels can be seen to have three major crises or turning points–revelations or reversals of fortune–from which others hurricanes or twisters of change spin off.

The first revelation presents itself in the initial shake-up, dissolving the status quo. This rises  from an unresolved problem rooted in back-story. This provides the story’s present dilemma.  This initial change that overturns the homeostasis of the life of the protagonist takes place during the opening of a novel or story.

Then comes the arc of action where the protagonist meets with her or his archenemy, that from which she or he has been running or pursuing the length of the story.

Then arc of action is the point of crisis. Read the rest of this entry…

~ by Anjuelle Floyd on March 14, 2010.

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