Of Illusions, Diamonds, and The Imago Dei…

Crises consist of many obstacles, the least of which include illusions, and deceptions. Illusions held about life, and deceptions by others, and self fiercely clung to often comprise the nets limiting awareness.

Reaching the peak of crisis, and fighting the battle that awaits requires perseverance and remaining focused on the task at hand.

Doing so generates the strength and acuity to cut through the gales of misconceptions and shatter intricate pillars supporting half-truths, and lies of omission.

To the degree these inconsistencies are destroyed the protagonist gains a depth of insight nearly parallel or akin to prophecy.

In reality their vision to does not extend into the future.

Rather they are more able to behold the events and consequences of actions that stand before them.

Climbing the summit of one’s dilemma’s and problems, meeting the physical obstacles tied to inner demons and slaying the monsters of betrayal, and self-delusions grants clearer vision, both within and around one.

Experience and knowledge sows seeds from which sprout the gifts of truth and honesty wrapped in a bow of fortitude to remain committed to what is, and not turn away, when our wishes are not immediately granted. Read the rest of this entry…

~ by Anjuelle Floyd on February 23, 2010.

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