Publishing Contracts, Motherhood, Dreams, Hopes and Wishes…

I’ve been busy these last few weeks refining and making last changes to the document files for interior and book cover of my novel, “The House“. It’s been an interesting experience bringing this piece of work, “The House” to fruition.

My first book, a collection of short stories, “Keeper of Secrets…Translations of an Incident“, was traditionally published. The decision to self-publish my novel came quite easily.

October 2008 was not a good time for economics in America. The publishing industry that has long been languishing, and like other areas is presently struggling with balancing their books.

Writers lucky enough to get a contract with a publishing contract despite the industry’s recent financial struggles that have folded into present challenges walk a tight rope and need to be able to donate their time to following through on the contract to which they have agreed.

I don’t believe in seeking the opportunity to take on or agreeing to follow through on a task to which I cannot give over my best.

A wife of 28 years, and a mother and psychotherapist with three children at strategic points in their lives I feel a strong commitment to seeing my children in place before venturing wholeheartedly into manifesting my dreams through involvements and contracts that require enormous amounts of time.

Raising children is like embarking on a residency in cardiac surgery. Those usually take around a decade. Motherhood is for life.

And yet we have dreams. That we hold and nurture them is essential to our ability to parent our children.

Yet the challenge remains one of balance.

How does one hold fast to her or his hopes and the creative spark laden with ideas and ingenuity that the world needs, and pursue this while remaining committed to those who depend you, and whose very lives and living feed your inspiration to write along with providing excellent fodder on the life topics about which to write?

My worldview holds that family is central. I write about family members struggling to maintain balance and order in their lives, to hold those whom they love and who love them at the center of their life as other pursuits vie for their time.

We all want to be acknowledged for the person who resides within us.

That entity that lives beyond what we do, how much we achieve, all that we have accomplished. And yet it is through reaching our goals we validate this most sensitive part of us that makes our living worthwhile and impresses upon others our most nascent and authentic identity.

Self-publishing has allowed me to remain true to family, the center from which I work, both as a mother, a psychotherapist and a writer, and work slowly but steadily towards achieving the dreams I hold for my writing.

I just ordered a proof of my galley for “The House“.

I can’t wait to receive and hold it.

What are the hopes and wishes you hold for your writing?

What are the greatest challenges you face in achieving them?

What is your plan for manifesting your writing goals?

~ by Anjuelle Floyd on January 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “Publishing Contracts, Motherhood, Dreams, Hopes and Wishes…”

  1. “Raising children is like embarking on a residency in cardiac surgery. Those usually take around a decade. Motherhood is for life.”

    Well said.

    • Thanks so much. I’m glad you could relate and that I’m (we’re) not alone.
      Have a great evening and a wonderful rest of the week.
      And again I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and leave a comment.

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