Of Long Weekends, Discipline and Time for Dreaming…

This past weekend was a holiday weekend. I relish long weekends. They give me more time with my husband and children.

The greatest challenge of any writer is finding enough time.

Time to write and time with family and friends.

The true writer writes. She or he doesn’t talk or dream about writing.

They develop a discipline unique to their psyche and life structure that allows for the writing, crafting, revision and ultimate completion of a story or novel.

Each stage of creating a literary work requires time. Time given to the very writing and re-writing of the piece, and then there is the time given over to gestation, allowing our ideas and words to percolate and perhaps metamorphose.

The farther I travel into this experience of the writing life, the life of a writer who is both a wife and mother, human, the more I realize that my time away from writing is as important as the time I spend with pen in hand or fingers to the computer.

The writer’s life is one of balance, a constant act of remaining diligently committed to writing, revising and refining a story, maintaining a steady trek towards the goal, that of the completion of the work in all its refinements.

And yet to reach full blossoming our writing needs time to simmer. As do we writers need downtime.

The mind is a muscle. Exercised muscles need time to relax and regain strength.

How much time do you give to your writing?

What is your schedule for dreaming and play?

~ by Anjuelle Floyd on January 18, 2010.

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