Passion and Responsibility…

This week was busy. The children returned to school. Fall semester finals loom ahead for my 11th grader with two paper due in just one class.

My eldest, a graduate student, faces no examinations but has 2 papers due, both averaging 25 pages.

During our conversation on Wednesday afternoon, she stated earlier that day the head of her director of her graduate program in whose class my daughter is a student, assigned a 15-page document outlining the research each student proposes to carry out during their internship.

Alas, my 5th grader loves to sing. This year she auditioned and was accepted in to the school choir. The choir will perform 6 times during this Holiday Season.

I’m very involved in the lives of my children and with their work. An author I feel obligated to use my skills at writing and at persevering when the going gets tight to assist them in helping them in life.

It gets crazy sometimes. I feel pulled in 10 million ways.

It’s especially difficult making the transition from writing when I’ve reached that place of surprise and/or discovery to shutting down the computer and either driving one of my children to an appointment or activity in which they are participating.

It is much easier now with 2 out of the 3 still at home.

And yet I marvel at the persistence and commitment my eldest holds towards her writing.

It’s scary to see your children following in your footsteps reflecting how much they have learned from you, how much of your and your actions they have integrated into their way of being an leaving their mark on the world.

My eldest, when home for various weekends, often stays up into the wee hours of the night or early morn writing on her papers. I have been known to stay up 0ne night or two writing on a novel.

Everything we do as writers holds importance, for ourselves and those we love.

While our goal is to craft entertaining stories and novels, I believe that perhaps the greatest gift we offer our families, our children is that of exemplifying what it means to commit to our passion.

How do you blend your responsibilities to family and your passion for writing?

What have you learned from holding commitment to both family and refining your craft of writing?

~ by Anjuelle Floyd on December 14, 2009.

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