The Holiday Season…

Well, it’s the Holidays, and I’m not up to writing.

Sounds fair enough.

But hold on, not so fast.

I will agree, the month of December during which the Western world, and some places in the East, celebrate the Holidays of the Judeo-Christian faiths gets kind of crazy. This year should prove quite interesting with the economic crisis moving at full steam around the globe.

Crazier, perhaps. No less dramatic, I am sure.

In either case, the Holiday season, whatever your religion or social proclivity, or whatever the season of holiday being celebrated–it could be Diwali in India–provides excellent fodder and a wonderful time to ponder the nature of human interactions.

And aren’t all stories about human relationships? The best ones hone in on the conflicts that arise out of, I want this, while, He, She, or You want that. And so we clash.

Then you need to add a little bit of upheaval, you know, change of script, chaos. Uncle Harvey’s not coming for Christmas this year because he wrecked the car on Thanksgiving. Oh, by the way we he was drinking and…did you know I think… they said…he, she…there might be a divorce…in either case their separated.

Christmas, the Holidays, children, grandparents, aunts and uncles, Santa, and Mrs. Claus.

Maybe you won’t actually write during the Holidays. But you certainly can observe and take note.

Then write afterward in the new year.

~ by Anjuelle Floyd on December 6, 2009.

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