1st week of NaNoWriMo…

it was intense, this first week of NaNoWriMo,
but I got through it.

i’ve been planning my novel, Lotus Blooming, since June.
i’m glad I sketched it out.

that lull and loss of energy, and not knowing where to go with the story, or what to write next–
it’s not there.

i know where I’m headed, though i don’t know for certain where i’ll land, which leaves room for discovery.
and that’s exciting.
it feels good.

planning ahead had also allowed me the space to try new things, to imagine.
put simply, i’m more likely to write those things that pop into my head and that my inner critic disdains.

i’m more able to follow my characters and see where they lead, rather than try to restrain my characters.

i’m less afraid of being swallowed up by the writing which breeds fear.
and fear feeds my inner critic.

yes, planning my novel in advance has really helped my creative process.
i’m less worried and more liberated to have fun.

it’s all in the planning.

try it sometime.

~ by Anjuelle Floyd on November 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “1st week of NaNoWriMo…”

  1. Planning is definitely important to the writing process. J.K. Rowling said she had all 7 books of the Harry Potter series planned out before she wrote the first book. Pretty amazing, but of course you can really see he connection in all of her work. Planning, I think , helps with the inspiration.

    • Not only did she plan, but I’m told, or perhaps I read, that she began making plans for what would become the Harry Potter Series when she was 17. If that is the case, that means she worked on the books for nearly 20 years, two decades.

      What an apprenticeship!

      What great writing.

      All things good take time.

      Again, I appreciate your comments.

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