it’s 18 minutes after midnight.

the kids are in bed.

my adolescent has completed 2.5 days of the new year.

my 5th grader has their first day tomorrow.

it’s a half day with no aftercare; pick-up is at noon.

then my high schooler gets out at 2pm.

we have lunch.

tomorrow is my last day, for the next month, of being able to eat before sundown; Ramadan begins Friday, August 21st.

i haven’t been writing on my novel.

i am reading.

…so much to do, so little time…

i am really tired.

i am also blessed.

my eldest enters graduate school next week.

when will i write?

sometime…sometime…in the very near future.

i’ve made a decision.

writing is important, but not more than my family, and certainly not as important as my soul, or God.

and yet writing is my soul.

and my soul is my family.

how to intertwine the two, or three–writing, God, my soul.

they’re already interwoven

my job is to maintain balance… perspective.

i lost perspective, balance, when i was unable to access my website the entirety of Monday.

that didn’t feel good.

i thought i had lost all that i’d writing and posted on my site

i learned a lesson in learning that all was saved.

the writing and all that i do comes from me, this body.

this body is my temple.

the temple is my gift.

perhaps the process of maintaining balance is the temple, God the the perspective.

perspective on the temple is invaluable.

what is your temple?

how do you hold perspective?

~ by Anjuelle Floyd on August 20, 2009.

2 Responses to “perspective….”

  1. Thanks for a really interesting post. It was helpful to me reading this. I tend to overdo it when I’m working on something and I will let writing take over – and not eat regularly, not get enough sleep etc.

    • Balance is the word that I think we writers strive for-both in creating characters for our stories, in plotting the narrative of our novels, in the writing of our stories and alas, in our lives.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.

      Please come back.

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