yesterday was not good.

i took my adolescent to school for her first day as a high school junior–and we arrived with plenty of time to spare.

i then arrived back home to find that I could not log onto my author website. neither could i log into the e-mail addresses connected to my website.

calling the company that hosts my website was of no consequence other than to inform me that no one had put through renewals for the domains of many of their customers of which I am one.

how long will it take to put through the renewals?”

we don’t know.”

i e-mailed my internet publicist who helped me set up my website and showed me how to use it.

and so i waited….and prayed (Surah Iklas)… and waited and prayed (Surah Iklas)…that my web hosting server had not lost the WordPress files which includes all my blog posts.

of course i made copies of all the blogs i write, but i had not backed up my WordPress files.

again i e-mailed my internet publicist.

response: …you need to find a new web hosting service.


it didn’t help that mind i’d been chiding myself over the last few weeks that i needed to learn how to make backups and place them on my computer.

all my writing…gone… that had been my fear.

finally at midnight i received a link to my FTP files.

i breathed a little easier.

this morning I arose, and after offering Fajr prayer–i’m islamic–i turned on my computer and saw that my website was back on line.

i also received an e-mail from my internet publicist stating that they had backed up my WordPress files.

now if only I could find the folder of e-mails SENT in response to those I’ve received.


what an experience these last 24 hours have been.

have you had a day or set of days like this?

if so, share.

i could use some camaraderie and…

some words of wisdom should you offer them.

and so I waited,

no one could tell m

~ by Anjuelle Floyd on August 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “wow!!!”

  1. When it rains, it pours! Hope your computer issues are all resolved now.


    • Yes they are. And thanks for asking. But now that I’ve signed up with another server main website, will be down for the first 3 weeks in December.

      I’ve decided that those 3 weeks will be great for writing over here and amping up steam to enter the new year writing on both blogs.

      It’ll be interesting the explore the change.

      Change, one of the few constants in life.

      Thanks so much for commenting.

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