another blessed and glorious day…

today was another blessed and glorious day.

i spoke with a writer friend of mine. she’s having problems finding work.

so many of us are. it’s sad. i hope things will get better.

until then i want to focus on helping those i know and encounter in hanging in there surviving–giving them what i’d want and need when i’m struggling. my friend spoke of a friend.

the relationship sounded interesting, reminded me of a short story i’ve read, and liked, by jhumpa lahiri.

my friend expressed having difficulty writing. they’ve have a couple novels and novellas published.

i suggested they write a story based on the relationship with this friend and the dynamics of the relationships in their friend’s life.

i hope my author friend writes the story.

it would be good. and i’m excited to read it.

it would also be timely.

i tried to give my author friend what i have needed in the past when things have been difficult, when life with all its worries and curves swerved even sharper, and what i have received in some way.

interestingly enough i got an idea about a story i could right.

it was totally unrelated to what my friend had been sharing about their friend. again, i hope my friend writes the story. when we give without thinking we receive so much in return.

i really hope they write the story.

how’s your writing going?

how are your relationships with friends and family going?

~ by Anjuelle Floyd on August 17, 2009.

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