interesting and blessed day…

interesting day…

i interviewed novelist, Thrity Umrigar, on her latest work, The Weight of Heaven.

such a nice person.

then i wrote several blogs about her.

south asian writers have so influenced me–Jhumpa Lahiri, Lavanya Sankaran, Manil Suri, and of course, Thrity Umrigar..

i wish more black and african americans read their work.

we could certainly benefit, just as thrity stated that she has benefitted tremendously from reading the african american icons of literature–toni morrison, alice walker, and then there are those such as margaret walker alexander, richard wright, edward p. jones.

after checking my e-mail i went to the hair shop.

i hadn’t been in over two weeks.

my time in Maui left my hair in need of some conditioning and a  press and curl…

had dinner with my husband…

that’s always nice.

we talked about the children and other things.

eating together and talking…that’s what I’ll miss the most when one of us dies.

overall it was a nice day.

thanks be to God, the universe, whoever orders things.

i’m grateful to be able to feel blessed.

~ by Anjuelle Floyd on August 16, 2009.

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  1. great post

    competitive intelligence

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